My Chemical Romance Greatest Hits, “May Death Never Stop You”

May Death Neve Stop You

May Death Neve Stop You

Warner Bros Records are set to release a My Chemical Romance Greatest Hits compilation in January 2014. The compilation titled “May Death Never Stop You”, features original artwork by Gerard Way, which he recently unveiled via Twitter.
The glossy cover features a derelict stone bust resembling Gerard Way in a Black Parade outfit. The headstone reads ‘the end’ followed by MMXIII, 2013 in Roman numerals. The photograph was taken by Jonathan Weiner in a cemetery in Los Angles, with Way art directing and overseeing the project.
No track listing has yet been confirmed, but the compilation will most likely include up to 24 of the bands singles, from their debut “Vampires Will Never Hurt You” to their final release “Burn Bright” from “Conventional Weapons”.
Some of you may remember the unofficial greatest hits compilation released by Star Mark in 2009, which included 22 tracks, largely from “The Black Parade”.
What are your opinions on the release of a greatest hits album? What tracks would you like to see featured?

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